Last January 30, 2019, the Regional Coordinators from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) – UniFAST for TES Region 9 conducted the first ever TES orientation on the Listahanan 2.0 Scholarship as one of the provision of the Republic Act 10931, otherwise known as the “Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act”. The team was composed of Ma’am Heidi Faith H. Cruz and Ma’am Watchel T. Basilio.
Prior to the orientation proper, the team visited the MSU-Buug Chancellor as part of their courtesy visit in the institution. The Chancellor, Dr. Pangandag M. Magolama welcomed the visitors in his Office. They discussed matters regarding the operations of the MSU-Buug and how they can help the institution to be developed especially for the students’ scholarship program.
After that, the TES team proceeded to the MSU-Buug Gymnasium together with the Chancellor and MSU-Buug officials for the Orientation Proper.

The Orientation was participated in by 147 Listahanan 2.0 grantees and their parents. The orientation was spearheaded by the Chancellor, Dr. Pangandag M. Magolama. He encouraged the students to study hard since education is now free. He also shared his experiences in MSU Marawi as a scholar student who only received P150 per month.
After that, Mr. Dennis Tenerife, MSU-Buug TES Designate Focal Person, introduced the two (2) Regional Coordinators for TES, CHED – UniFAST, Region 9 as the resource speakers. The resource speakers of the orientation were Ma’am Heidi Faith H. Cruz and Ma’am Watchel T. Basilio.
Ma’am Heidi Faith H. Cruz, as the first speaker, discussed the RA 10931, otherwise known as “Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act”. She discusses the Provisions and Benefits of the Act which includes the Free Tuition for Higher Education, Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) and etc.
On the other hand, Ma’am Watchel T. Basilio discussed the TES scholarship Program. She stressed that the allowances that they received should be used to finance their schooling and warned the parents not to use this for personal matters but to support the finances of their students while they are still in the scholarship program.
To ensure that the participants fully understood the Provision of RA 10931, an Open Forum was conducted and facilitated by Prof. Manuel P. Siaron, Director for Admission and Scholarship, to help the participants clarify the topic through asking questions.
Lastly, Prof. Marlene P. Siaron, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, gave her closing remarks and it was followed by the singing of MSU Hymn.