Commencement exercises serve as a transition point for the individual members of the graduating class who will follow diverse paths into futures that may include higher education and the world of work.

The purpose of the commencement exercise is to acknowledge the students who have successfully met the requirements for high school graduation, usually with the presentation of a diploma. It is supposed to be a time for students, parents, and teachers to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. Students take pride in having met the graduation requirements that were established by their state and local board of education; parents celebrate the accomplishments of their children, and teachers and school administrators commemorate the fruits of their labours. However, because of the worldwide pandemic year 2020 is facing, brought by the deadly virus Covid-19, the online platform has been explored to bring the idea of a virtual graduation ceremony for the Class 2020.

On 09 July, Mindanao State University Buug Campus held its 36th Commencement Exercises – A Virtual Graduation Ceremony for nearly 200 students from the Graduate School and five Colleges, the Class of 2015, at the MSU Buug Graduate School Conference. The Guest of Honor and Speaker of the said events were Dr. Habib W. Macaayong, MSU-System President.

At this ceremony, President Habib W. Macaayong conferred five (5) MAEd – School Administration, sixty (60) from the College of Agriculture, fifty-four (54) from the College of Arts and Sciences, thirteen (13) from the College of Education, eighteen (18) from the College of Fisheries, and twenty-four (24) from the College of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Some of the student awardees were also highlighted in recognition of their outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Ms. Pretzel JR C. Perez, Bachelor of Arts major in English, was an Academic Excellence Awardee with a CGPA of 1.560 (Cum Laude), making her the Valedictorian of Class 2020.  Ms. Rolaya O. Walanda, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with a CGPA of 1.593 (Cum Laude), Ms. Rheema C. Mohammad, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with a CGPA of 1.655 (Cum Laude), and Ms. Irene Jane S. Banac, Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, with a CGPA of 1.660 (Cum Laude), were also part of the Academic Excellence Awardees.

This year’s graduation theme was ‘MSU-Buug: Transcending New Educational Landscapes and Bracing Digital Learning Platforms Beyond What was Normal’. The theme defines the calibre and mindset of the University’s graduates, which are young people with a global outlook and are trained in the use of new media technology.

In his commencement address, Campus Chancellor Sultan Pangandag Mla Magolama,  congratulated the students and told them that the graduation was the culmination of a long and challenging but ultimately rewarding journey.

The Virtual Graduation Ceremony of MSU Buug Campus was aired on Facebook and was celebrated by the MSU Buug’s Administration, Faculty and Staff, Class of 2020, and the graduates’ family and friends.