Admission Requirements:

Undergraduate Freshman Students

High School graduates seeking admission to degree and non-degree education must pass the MSU-SASE administered by the Mindanao State University Center for University Testing and Institutional Research, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mindanao State University, Marawi City. Applicants qualified for admission must present/bring the following requirements upon registration:

  1. Original and one (1) photocopy of Form 138 (High School Card);
  2. Original and one (1) photocopy of MSU-SASE Report of Rating;
  3. Original and one (1) photocopy of Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by an official of the school previously attended;
  4. Authenticated Copy of Birth Certificate from NSO (to be returned), and 1 photocopy of it;
  5. Six (6) copies of ID pictures 1”x1” and one (1) 2”x2” size bust picture (recent and un-retouched);
  6. Latest income tax return of the parents with one (1) photocopy of it (optional);
  7. Certification from the principal if graduated as valedictorian or salutatorian in a school with at least sixty (60) graduates;
  8. One (1) piece long brown envelope;
  9. One (1) piece long white folder;
  10. For MSU employees dependent:  Certification from HRMO;
  11. For scholarships other than the MSU granted:  Notice of Scholarship Award issued by sponsoring agency (i.e. DOST, CHED, etc.).

Undergraduate Transfer Students

Transferees from within the MSU System can be automatically admitted if his/her SASE rating is above 90 (taken not more than 3 years ago);  carried a minimum load of 18 units during the past semester; and no grade of INC or FAILURE.

Transferees from other schools who have earned at least 30 units are preferred provided that 75% of the units enrolled in the previous school are PASSED, with a GPA of at least 2.50 or better.

Requirements to be presented during enrolment:

  1. Report of Rating  (MSU SASE);
  2. Transfer Credential/ Honorable Dismissal;
  3. Duly accomplished Program Slot Availability Certificate (PSAC)*;
  4. Birth Certificate from NSO;
  5. Two (2) copies ID pictures 1”x 1”;
  6. One (1) copy ID picture 2”x2”;
  7. One (1) piece long brown envelope;
  8. One (1) piece long white folder; and
  9. HRMO-issued certification of dependency (if dependent), or Notice of Award issued by sponsoring agency (if scholar).

* PSAC forms are issued by the Office of Admissions and Scholarship Administration (OASA).

The Campus Admission Office